About us

Choir History

Grenoside is a village 6 miles to the north of Sheffield, on the borders of the Pennines and with open countryside and moors to the north and west. The roots of the Grenoside Singers go back a long way. A choir called the ‘Sheffield Orpheus’ disbanded in 1951 and the Grenoside Male Voice Choir was created by some of the members.

The new choir immediately established an excellent reputation for a very balanced sound and, with the motto to "derive pleasure by giving pleasure", the choir became quite famous taking part in some high profile concerts. They sung in the Albert Hall and York Minster and shared the stage with some of the top brass bands in the country, including H.M. Royal Marines, Black Dyke Mills and Brighouse and Rastrick. Membership peaked at over 70 voices but from the mid-1990s, membership fell steadily as singing for men seemed to be no longer “cool”.


In 2006, with only 20 active members remaining, the difficult decision was taken to disband the Male Voice Choir but to create a new choir, The Grenoside Singers. The new choir was formed at the beginning of 2007 and has been a huge success with current membership running at over 40 voices. The choir always welcomes new members (please see the contact section for more details)