Well, it's been a very long time coming, but we're pleased to say that we can finally meet up again on Monday nights!

We've decided that we're going to have a steady start to our Monday night meetings, just to get people used to being out and about again and seeing folk outside their immediate bubbles.


With that in mind we've decided to have two choir (and partners if you want) social meetings, on Monday 19th July and Monday 26th July, from 7.30pm. These are entirely voluntary - only attend if you're comfortable with the current level of Covid risk.


We don't intend singing at these meetings, it's more a chance to get together again, catch up with each other and just enjoy being out of the house

We'll provide tea, coffee and biscuits, but if you want to bring along your own alternative refreshments (beer/wine/soft drinks/nibbles), then please feel free. We thought it best not to share food buffet-style at this stage, so just bring your own.

We will spread out the tables and chairs to distance as much as possible. Masks are your own choice, based on how comfortable you are with the risks. Similarly, how much you interact with other members is entirely up to you - touching elbows/shaking hands/hugging etc. We all know our own comfort zone - stay within it


The plan is to then have August off as our usual summer break, and we hope to resume normal rehearsals in September. This is subject to our MD and accompanist being happy with the plan, and of course any potential changes in rules between now and then.


One of our altos has kindly made some protective masks designed for singers (there's more room in them to move your mouth!), and she'll be bringing some along on Monday. So if you think you might be happier singing in a mask when we return, please take one.


We hope to see some of you on Monday

13th July 2021