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Alan Walton

Alan Walton's singing career started with Wombwell Main Male Voice Choir. He was told to "sit with the baritones to see how you get on" and stayed there for 23 years. He sang in the Massed Male Voice Choir (1000 voices) at GMEX, Manchester after only 3 weeks in the WMMVC, but clearly enjoyed it because since then he has sung in massed choir events in York Minster, the Free Trade Hall 5 times and Bridgewater Hall twice (both in Manchester), Leeds Town Hall and many times in the CISWO Concert at Sheffield City Hall.

Alan was elected Chairman of Wombwell but sadly the choir was unable to attract new members and it declined. Despite also joining Grenoside Male Voice Choir, Alan staunchly supported Wombwell until it finally folded in November 2007.

When Grenoside Male Voice Choir opened its doors to female voices and became Grenoside Singers, Alan was delighted and he became Chairman of the choir in 2008.

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